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 HIGH YIELD INVESTMENT (recent up-date: February 2023)

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Hello Friends

of extraordinary

Profit Potential!

Here is an amazing offer to make money in the stock markets you may not be familiar with, but it is worth to read on carefully.

Surely you are aware of the ups and downs in the financial markets, especially when there are political and economic crises.

Political and economic instability are fueling uncertainty in the markets. High volatility and price drops usually cause high losses in many mutual funds, as happened for example with the well-known funds run by CEO Cathie Wood of Ark Invest or with the highly admirable Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, among many other less prominent funds.

Not even Warren Buffet’s and Charlie Munger's Berkshire Hathaway fund outperformed the S&P 500 index over the past decade with a simple and static „buy and hold“ strategy.

A plain ETF would have earned more.

In uncertain times what is the better way to go than to just sit around and wait for the markets to recover?

In a dynamic environment why not seize a proven short-cut with additional opportunities and a reliable risk/reward ratio?


Copy Trading

There is a very good solution to such a persistent problem:

act smart with day trading!

What exactly does that mean?

I am a day-trader and only take market positions during the day. Before the closing bell rings I usually leave the markets.

Reason: I never have to take additional market risks overnight or over a weekend.

It comes even better: I do not only buy and hope for rising prices but I also can sell first and earn money on falling prices!

In a falling market, why should a trader look for individual stocks that are rising in price? The odds of identifying a few are less than betting on the majority of falling stocks. Trading in a stock index with short positions then makes sense as there is a higher probability of winning, right?

This is easy for everyone to understand.

And if the established positions do not quickly show the expected results, most of the time I leave the market almost instantly with limited risk exposure.

Yes, that is one of the best solutions because the markets have become even more unpredictable as they are in normal times.

You are cordially invited and may join as a valued investor!


How is it done?


The entire setup of the brokerage account is completely transparent and easy to do. You open an account with the well-established, internationally active brokerage firm of high reputation where I also manage my account.

Yes, you can live anywhere in the world!

Then you deposit money into your account and with three mouse clicks you link your account with my account.

Ready to start!

From now on, every position I come up with traded on my account will also be traded on your account. This is how the copy trading procedure works. Everything happens automatically, you do not have to do anything at all.


You can always look into your personal account if you want to see the results achieved. You are in full control at all times.

There is a performance fee that is consistent with the structure of most hedge funds on a fair „high water mark“ basis.

If you trust your trader and set up the account and you are happy with the results, all is well. It is my primary task to ensure this.


Crypto Currency Trading

There is another good opportunity to make money in the markets that I want to share with you: exclusive crypto-currency trading!

Again, it is not the old traditional „buy and hold“ style but trading multiple crypto currencies by a group of specialists.

The lousy standard performance of some well-known investment funds over the years you can see in this graph:

Honesty, you deserve much better than this, don’t you?

So look at the following graph and see the good results that have been achieved over the past few years.

Ask yourself:

„Do I hold an investment that has performed much better?“

If not, why not join and diversify?

Probably the sooner, the better!

Cryptocurrency Trading outperformed any other asset class.

Why is that?

The first crypto coin, Bitcoin, emerged more then a decade ago and was created by Nakamoto Satoshi.

There are well over tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market today, most of them completely useless, just empty shells with a nice label on them to attract attention.

What a rapid development in such a short time, almost unbelievable.

In the beginning people were very cautious about this new blockchain technology and its potential and many so-called experts told us, that this is a hype that will disappear soon and some even said that it is all a big scam.

 True, there have also been some scammers in this developing market sektor.

But things have changed dramatically now.

There are many crypto currency exchanges around the world, the largest include Binance and Nasdaq listed and regulated Coinbase in the US, to name just two.

Crypto currencies are traded at the investment bank Goldman Sachs on their in-house trading desk. And the world’s largest wealth management company, Black Rock, has invested hundreds of millions in Bitcoin and other coins, the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has reported.

There are even bitcoin futures contracts traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME, and ETFs (exchange traded funds).


And meanwhile one knows not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Stellar, Tether, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Chainlink, Binance Coin and many others with a reasonable market capitalisation and market liquidity that ensure reliable and fast order execution.

Trading these cryptocurrencies undoubtedly requires a lot of time to invest and a certain degree of expertise, as the market is very dynamic and innovations are constantly being added and new opportunities arise.

Even Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, allowed customers to purchase their electric vehicles with Bitcoins for a short time.


And credit card organizations are ready to allow payments with Bitcoin balance.


Summarized briefly:


There is a huge demand and market for many more services we may not even have thought of yet.


And this requires accurate and rapid evaluation of new incoming information and accordingly efficient implemented trading activities  in the crypto markets.


Experts do what we can not do as this is a full time job that requires special skills and experience to build on.


If you trust the experts to trade in these markets successfully as they have already proven themselves over the years with an excellent risk/reward ratio, why not become part of the team as an investor?

This is truly a high-yield investment!

Do you want to attend

the next live webinars on this topic?

Then get registered here:

Your registration will be confirmed by email that comes with a webinar link.

For more information write me an email,

use the messenger service or

call me by phone (WhatsApp available).

And here is my full address:

Day-Trader offering Copy Trading Service

Intermediary for Crypto Currency Trading Experts

Diplom-Physiker Klaus J. Oldigs

Nam. T. G. Masaryka 16

CZ 30100 Pilsen

Email: klaus.oldigs@t-online.de

Mobile #1: +49 179 3520041

Mobile #2: +420 607318042

Skype: klausoli

I am a German citizen and I speak German and English.

I live in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republik.

If you wish, we could also meet in person.

 Take part while this opportunity is still available.

If we work together successfully,

you may thank me later ;-).

For now,

I wish you good luck and

multiple success with

all your undertakings!

Greetings from your trader

Klaus J. Oldigs, Physicist &

Certified Financial Advisor ICC

For you at work - far beyond the ordinary!



If you are looking for a valid description of

„What is a High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP)?“

then you can find on „Investopidia“ this: quote (excerpt)

„A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a fraudulent investment scheme that purpots to deliver extraordinary high returns on investment.

HYIPs often advertise yields of more than 100 percent per year (nowadays even up to 25 percent per week (!) with a so-called „premium plan“ and 10 percent referral fee paid to the introducer) in order to lure in victims and regularly use new investor’ money to pay off older investors.

HYIPs are Ponzi schemes and the organizers aim to steal the money invested. Money is not invested and no actual underlying returns are earned. The operators remain vague about the underlying management and how the money is to be invested.

Warning signs of HYIPs include excessive guaranteed returns, fictitious financial instruments, extreme secrecy, claim that the investments are an exclusive opportunity, and inordinate complexity surrounding the investments.“

Countless scammers have their headquarters in Nigeria, from where worldwide capital fraud has been carried out for decades.

Strong competition is now also coming from Eastern Europe for European investors. The internet offers many crooks ideal conditions with their illegal, criminal activities. Always be careful.


After having read these few additional lines, you should be aware of the great value of keeping your own brokerage account with a well-established brokerage company of high reputation over which you alone have full authority (and no one else!).

Full transparency and control must be given at all times.

That's exactly what I talked about in copy trading.