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Hello friend!

Here is an amazing offer you hardly have heard of before and that could easily be rejected. Nevertheless, it certainly pays to listen carefully.

Why is this so?

Because I ask you for money for a non-refundable loan. Ain’t this crazy? And the funds are collected probably from many of you, it’s kind of crowd funding.

I rely on the wisdom of the crowd.

It has to be done this way as otherwise some severe legal issues would arise which would prevent me from doing the job I intend to do for all of us.

If you do not like it, please leave this webpage right now at the very beginning as this definitively is not for you but just a waste of time.

If you are curious and might even be interested to participate, keep on reading. You get the whole lowdown right now within the next minutes. I am straight to the point and will not waste each others valuable time. Valuable time means, you have money to invest and you are still busy somehow and you do not have all the time in the world as other people have who need to get motivated by lenghly and wild story telling.

Also, there is no reason to build up psychological pressure on you in some way or other like telling you that there are only a few spots left and you should act fast. Whenever I read such lines in a sales pitch or hear this some speaker say, he has not my undivided attention anymore and most likely has lost the game from that point on if there was no well-founded explanation.

I guess you are at least as smart as I am when you listen to this video or read these lines to the very end. So we don’t need all this B/S, right?

The minimum amount of money for this intended business should be somehow substantial and not just slightly above the bank transfer fees. ;-)

I am not asking for 5 million Dollars cash readily available in your account as many US-Hedge-Funds do before they would start talking to you.

But you should have a little more than a generous tip at hand. One hundred percent on 100 bucks is a 100 bucks. This kind of small dollar profit wouldn’t make much difference, right? And this is the way we should look at it.

When someone goes to Las Vegas over the weekend and spends a million dollars or so on gambling he’s got much more in his bank accounts and can afford it - and there are no good objections to argue against this.

And if someone invests 5 million dollars in a Hedge Fund - as a lot of these funds won’t do it for less - and gets around 10 percent return on investment and is happy with it, so why should he invest much less for potentially a much higher return with probably the same degree of risk involved?

If you can afford it, you won’t complain about having lost some money in a worst case scenario otherwise this is not for you.

And, above all, you trust the person you do business with, so you will trust me. This is why I talk to you in the video on this page so that you can look straight into my eyes and hopefully make a good impression what I deserve.

What am I going to do with the money? I will try to make more out of it, much more, of course. So there is a good intention from the very beginning.

And how am I going to do it? I am a trader, I speculate at the futures and options exchanges and the forex market as well, not to forget the hot cryptocurrency markets. Currencies, CFDs, commodities, precious metals, indices, this is my trading arena. In there it is rather risky due to the fact that there is a high contract leverage. But it can be very rewarding within a short period of time when only a few good decisions are made. And keep this in mind: there is no team to make trading decisions and there are no algo-robots taking action but it is my brain, nobody and nothing else. The responsibiliy for all trading results remains crystal clear. And, not to forget, there are no market limitation big funds are constantly confronted with due to market liquidity as our trading volume is comparatively low. This is the advantage over heavily loaded funds with billions of dollars to invest. Indeed, you can count on German accountability, precision, efficiency and quality.

So here is the deal:

Once I have gained 100 percent profit, you get your money back plus 50 percent on top. When 200 percent profit is made, you get 150% from the profit. And if there is even more money made, all above 200 percent will be completely yours. Period.


The main costs are the brokerage fees which can be negotiated down to a low level depending on transaction volume plus some exchange fees.

From this point of view the deal really is very fair for all of us as I will not earn any serious money as long as you don’t earn a substantial amount of money.

Do you have an alternative suggestion? Just let me know. Maybe we could have an agreement on the basis of a different proposal as long as it is reasonable and mutually beneficial. Agreed?

The time frame for this procedure is set for six months. This is very overseeable and comes with an option to extend the trading period on a monthly basis, so you like.

If you trust your trader you will hand over the amount of loan convenient to you. This means the amount of loan you hand over to me (or the account in your name you let me trade on your behalf). If you do not trust the trader, nothing of this will happen and I will not make any further attempt to convince you. We both are smart enough to avoid such time-consuming game playing.

In fact this business proposal is still unusual and amazing but not as crazy anymore as it looked on the first view.

And, not to forget, think of this: which other experienced, reliable and capable trader could and would do this challenging task for you? I know there are not too many of them readily available as these specialists all do have their well-paid jobs in the industry with only a few good free-lancers left you can seach like a pin in a haystack.

Now it is up to you to make a sound decision.

But wait! I will help you.

Firstly, you need to know who I am.

My name is Klaus Oldigs, I am a German citizen and I studied physics and economics at the University of Stuttgart long time ago.

And yes, I have knowledge and many years of experience in the trading sector. And yes, long time ago I also passed the NFA (National Futures Association) exam, by the way.

And I lived for decades in the beautiful city of Munich in southern Germany, hometown of the world-famous „OKTOBERFEST“, the world famous soccer-team „BAYERN MÜNCHEN“ and headquarters of the fine car manufacturer „BMW“ besides many world-famous museums, many cultural events and the English Garden, larger than the Central Park in New York. Recently, I moved to the city of Pilsen in Czech Republic, not so far away from München. There they also have famous beers like the „Pilsner Urquell“. Maybe some day we meet with a mug of beer in our hands at the Oktoberfest and have a good laugh on the excellent profits we made together, wouldn’t this be nice?

Now let’s get back to business.


There are two more significant points you should know about.

Secondly, this statement is true and it really hurts mentally as in certain cases we long for some sort of safeguards or guarantees:


In other words, I don’t show you an old track record. This is worth nothing and might be even misleading. Future market movements remain uncertain. Without making any empty promises, it is precisely this uncertainty that offers the opportunity to reap high profits under favorable circumstances.

Of course, as a donator the current trading results will be available to you at all times as if it were your own account. In fact, as a high-ticket investor it definitively would be your own acount, but without any interference from your side. The trading responsibility must be clear for each and every trade and this is me - when I do the challenging job for you and/or many other members of our group.

Is this fair enough?

Yes, absolutely. - It is!

Thirdly, when you agree with me, put in your first name and best email address in the form to get registered. You will never get any spam mail from me and your email address will never given to any other party, promised! Discretion is a very important part of my job.

You will receive more detailed information and I invite you to an online presentation or point to a F&Q section which will answer upcoming questions in order to give you a qualified decision basis and make you ready to go.

YOU decide into which direction you want to go.

So please enter the requested data and get registered for the next step. If you don’t do it, it’s all over and surely you will not see this door reopen in the near future. When the shop is closed the door will remain closed at least for the whole trading period I already mentioned as I can not handle different accounts effectively at the same time. I will be totally focused on one account only in order to have the results optimized. As I am no multi-tasker this is the only way it works well for all of us and I am confident you understand this.

Not everyone can get into this at all times even if the trust in me is great. The given time frame and the account size must be considered as well.

So do it right now and I see you on the other side as a new member!

Join in and reserve your seat in the boat.

You are cordially welcome aboard no matter where in the world you are located and which nationality you have as long as there are no serious legal restrictions in international money transfers put upon your private activities.

For now,

I wish you GOOD LUCK

with all your undertakings!

Greetings from your trader

Klaus J. Oldigs

At work for you!

Email: klaus.oldigs@t-online.de

Mobile #1: +49 176 45862588

Mobile #2: +49 179 3520041

Skype: klausoli